McWeeney Family

Hannah Merideth McWeeney is here!!

Born August 30, 2008 at 3:36 pm 

8lb  14oz     20 inches

Weeks 0-4

Weeks 5-8

Weeks 9-12

Weeks 13-16

Weeks 17-20

Weeks 20-24

Weeks 25-28

Weeks 29-32

Weeks 33-36

Weeks 37+

4 weeks 8 weeks 12 Weeks 16 weeks belly 20 weeks

24 weeks   28 Weeks   32 Weeks    36 weeks

0-4 Weeks

Merideth and I found out we were pregnant at the end of January 2008. Because Merideth had fertility issues, we got an ultra-sound earlier than most people to confirm the pregnancy. Here is our little one at 4 weeks (its the black dot :)

first ultrasound

Obviously this was all very exciting and really hard for us to believe since we knew it was going to be tough for us to concieve, but that little dot has changed our lives quite a bit over the last several months. At first nothing really changed for me or Merideth, other than the abstract knowledge that a baby was growing inside Merideth. We wanted to go out and tell everone we knew, but early on there is a risk of things not going perfect, so we decided to wait. It was a tough month! We had just found out that our good friends were also expecting and it was really really hard not to spill the beans.

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5-8 Weeks

Fast forward 4 weeks for another ultrasound, this is an important one! It will tell us if the baby implanted OK on the uterus and that it is growing in the expected manner. Here is what the zygote looks like at 8 weeks (experiences may very)

eight week ultra-sound

At this point I'm thinking that we are going to give birth to Frogger, but the doctor was quick to assure us that the "baby" looked normal for eight weeks. The head is somewhere near the bottom right and the butt the top left. There are little arm and leg buds. I can't really see anything, but the good news is that the baby is doing great. So we left happy and excited to tell everyone we knew. We went up to Iowa that weekend and told Rick and Jean that we were getting another tax deduction and a new Green Bay Packers fan. I think Rick somehow already knew, but Jean was surprised. We went to a Jimmy Buffett tribute party for the QC parrot heads and after that, everyone in the QC area knew. We had to get home quick before it ended up on TV and my parents found out : ) We showed Bryan and Cindy a book of pictures with a surprise at the end and the ultraound picture. They were very very excited about it!

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9-12 Weeks

Around this time morning sickness started for Merideth. It began with sensitivity to smells and almost constant nausea. Little did she know she was in for a long road that would get worse before it got better.

At 12 weeks we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. It made everything hit home so powerfully. Merideth sobbed and sobbed when we heard the baby. Its heart was beating strong and it was whoosing around, swimming happily. We were on cloud nine the whole weekend after that.

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13-16 Weeks

We had to wait a long time for the next ultrasound, but we had one at 15 weeks. As you can see, I don't have to worry about having a Frogger anymore. Our tiny frog has arms and legs!

fifeteen weeks waving

Head, hands, torso! we are going to have a baby! It was amazing to see the baby move around in the ultrasound, these pictures really don't do it justice.

fifeteen weeks thumbs up

The baby then gave Merideth the thumbs up for being such a good mom.

fifteen weeks head hand

This is the baby's head and hand.

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17-20 Weeks

Merideth has been feeling a lot better recently and is feeling lots of baby kicks. I felt the baby kick for the first time at around 18 weeks and what a feeling. Each week seems to make this more and more real. At 19 1/2 weeks, we had our "level 2" ultrasound, or anomaly scan, which you can think of as a full body scan for a fetus. They check the kid's anatomy, making sure the heart has all 4 chambers and that they septum is in place and working. They also check on all the organs like the liver, kidneys, bladder, stomach, etc. Along with the anatomy this is also the time where they can see signs of potential problems. Down's syndrom, cleft lip and pallet, and spina bifida can all be detected at this stage of growth. The good news is that our genes are great and the baby looks perfect. She weighed 12 ounces and is growing right on schedule. We got a double dose of ultrasounds because there was a resident practicing with the doctor watching from another room. When the resident missed something, or the doctor thought there was a good view, she would come in and teach, which was fun because we got to learn a little about what was going on. At first our baby was all wrapped up with its feet and hands all up by the face. This made it difficult for some of the tests, but after they let Merideth go to the bathroom, the baby stretched out and put on a show! You don't usually get this many pictures, but with two people hitting the print button we got lucky.

19 week foot
Obviously the baby has Merideth's feet, might have a soccer player on our hands
19 weeks stretching out
You can see the spine and profile (the face looks a little wonky because there are hands up there)
19 weeks open wide
Here you can see the baby's mouth open and what looks like a thumb heading in
19 weeks thumbs up
I don't know if this means anything, but this is the second thumbs up we've gotten during an ultrasound.
I think it's a good sign.
19 weeks waving hand
You can see here the long fingers to go along with those long toes.
Its a girl
Here is the ultrasound showing that we have a 95% chance of having a girl.
This picture has benn censored for modesty (I don't want us to get in trouble for having inappropriate pictures on the internet)

20-24 Weeks

This is a fun time for both mom, dad and baby.  Merideth is happy because she is obviously pregnant and not just fat, so she can wear tighter shirts and people can see that she is going to be a mom.  For me, I get to participate a little more. Putting my hand on Merideth's belly and feeling the baby dance around is amazing.  She really kicks and squirms around during these weeks.  I think she has lots of room and plenty of muscles to excercise.  Because the baby is growing like crazy, Merideth is hungry ALL the time.  This gets her a little worried, but I'm always telling her not to starve the baby and to eat the other wheel of cheese she bought.  She is even craving the foods that made her ill to think about in the beginning (mexican and bbq included).  This makes our life easier as we can go to more places (Palmas anyone?)

One place the baby really seems to like is Busch Stadium for some Cardinal's baseball.  Our little girl has already experienced box seats behind home plate, a Molina gun down at first and a walkoff homer in the bottom of the 10th.  She really gets going at the games, but mom is good and doesn't eat 12 hot dogs like she wants. 

One place the baby doesn't like is sleep time!  Merideth is having more and more trouble staying comfortable for an entire 8 hours of sleep.  She has a whole flotilla of pillows, towles and blankets to try and secure the baby and keep her hips in line.  There is a lot of tossing and turning,  and it will probably only get worse. 

We've only had one appointment update and it wasn't an exciting ultra-sound, but the baby is growing normally and everything they looked at was right on target.  They measure her belly, which now has a semi-outy belly button, to make sure the growth is fine.  We start going to appointments every 3 weeks now, then down to every 2 weeks.  So its going to be busy as far as the baby doctor is concerned. 

The planning and registering is also gearing up.  Merideth is putting a lot of time and effort into researching baby stuff when she isn't subbing, which is good because I'm lazy and not prone to research.  We've registered at Babys'r'Us and Target and we'll get that info up on the site soon.  We're also working on the room- new carpet is on the way as we gear up for our new arrival.

25-28 Weeks

Things are really moving along quickly.  Merideth and baby are doing great. At our 26 week checkup the baby weighed just over 2lbs and is measuring perfectly on track for her age.  In the ultrasound pics you can really tell she has gaiined some weight.  Its a lot harder to make her out since she is big, but the second picutre, you can see chubby cheeks!  In the last few weeks the baby has been VERY active- rolling, squirming and kicking like crazy.  You can see Merideth's whole belly jolt when the baby kicks.  Clyde can't sleep to good on Merideth's tummy because the baby is constantly kicking him off.  We've also been able to feel lots of hiccups.  We spent a wonderful relaxing week in Florida with friends and some of my family.  Merideth didn't mind the heat at all and loved floating in the pool and ocean, I got her a Double Gulp (64 oz) that we refilled once a day with water to keep her hydrated.

26 Weeks Waving Hand

A little hand waving hello.

26 Weeks face

Her face- cute little cheeks

29-32 Weeks

We're now in the home stretch!  Only 5 more weeks till Merideth could be in the baby extraction zone.  With that in mind, we have been working really hard to get the house and room ready for our new addition.  The nursery is coming along nicely.  We got the crib and dresser and the closet is starting to fill up with a lot of pink stuff.  Merideth is feeling bigger and bigger and  you can see the baby moving around through her skin very easily now.  The bigger tummy is making it more difficult for her to sleep and stay comfortable.  Because the baby is so much  bigger, she can now reach places that she couldn't before.  That means that along with the normal belly punches, she now gets jabbed in the ribs and around the side.  Also the baby seems to have the hiccups at least once a day.  Merideth has been fighting a cold/allergies for about two weeks, so the doctors have her on some things  to hopefully clear everything up before the big day.  We are now going to baby birthing class, which is both exciting and scary.  We alternate between giggles and looks of horror. 

32 Week Belly
Big 'ole  bell

 At the Cardinals game

Cardnals cutie

At the Cardinals game

Not even one red shirt fits

33-36 Weeks 

Baby could be here soon! 

The last few weeks have been tough for Merideth.  She is having a lot of difficulty moving due to pelvic pain and foot pain (possibly tarsal tunnel).  Combined with the incessant heartburn and lack of sleep, she is feeling more and more ready for this baby to come.  At our apponitment this week (35 weeks) we were surprised to learn Merideth is already 1.5cm dialated and 50% effaced.  She's been having contractions but irregularly.  They've decided not to start anti-labor drugs and told us to make sure we have our bags packed.  We're hoping baby will stay in the oven at least two more weeks.   In the meantime Merideth will be taking it easy and we will be tying up loose ends in case baby makes her appearance this week.

36th week -  So far no baby.  Merideth has been having a lot of contractions and at least one round of false labor that had us thinking it was time.  At our appointment this week we saw the baby on the ultrasound.  She is measuring about 7lb 1oz but this is just a guesstimate.  Mom and baby are doing well.  We are ready and waiting for baby and can't wait to meet her.   We will be sure to send out text msg./emails when she arrives!

37 Weeks +

37 Weeks- Still no baby! At our appointment they found Merideth's blood pressure was very high.  She had a non stress test- baby is doing fine.  Blood work showed she doesn't have preeclampsia so for now she is on strict bedrest until baby comes.  Hopefully a week of rest will bring her BP down.  They will check it again and we'll get more info at next week's checkup.

38 weeks -   Merideth's blood pressure was higher so the doctor decided to induce the next night at 1am.  Hannah Merideth McWeeney was born 14 hours later healthy and gorgeous. 

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